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On our initial visit, we'll get to know one another. Share your story, interests, and the details that lead you here... I love learning about the countries you’ve visited, the books you read, the hikes you take, your wonderful pets, your family, the latest recipe you cooked, your remodel project, the house you’re buying, the game groups you’re in, and everything in between!

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It matters who joins you in marriage.
I recommend interviewing a couple of officiants. You’ll quickly recognize the style and services that best fit with your needs and expression.

We Collaborate:

Words are powerful. You will have the opportunity to choose and craft the exact language to express your vision of your marriage. We will work closely to bring out that essence and intention in your crafted ceremony. 20, 30, or 40 years from now you'll want to remember what was said and how you felt while you were committing yourselves to one another.

You May Be Asking

Answers to frequent questions

In using a non-denominational officiant, the breadth of freedom in creating a ceremony that captures your spirit, faith, traditions, and vision of your life going forward is without limits. As I have no agenda, my intention is to guide you toward and include anything that makes your ceremony special and meaningful for you.

I can send you a marriage license application PDF or you can obtain and complete it when you go for your license. The Vermont license fee is $70 and is valid for 60 days. No witnesses are needed and there is no waiting period.

Once your’re married, I will sign & return your license to the clerk. They will mail your marriage certificate to you.

While I reside in Northern Vermont, that doesn’t keep me from traveling to you. There are six beautiful New England states and, just across Lake Champlain, northern New York is but a ferry ride away.

Some of the most gifted florists, photographers, hair/makeup artists, bakers, and musicians reside in Vermont. I’m happy to share my Rolodex with you!

Renewing Your Vows: When a couple chooses to choose one another all over again, it expresses and recognizes the strength of their commitment to individuality as well as partnership – no matter what.

LBGTQ: If we are lucky enough in this life to find someone to love and by whom to be loved, then it is always a blessing.

Elopement: Sometimes the “helpful suggestions”, shoulds, opinions, and over the top razzle-dazzle take away from what is most important.. Stealing away last minute or with a bit of planning, I’m here to assist.

My fee is determined on an individual basis taking into account a local or out of town wedding, and possible accommodation. A contract will be provided upon request.

In 18 years I have never missed a wedding. If, for an unseen circumstance, I cannot fulfill my obligations, I will secure another officiant.


“Thank you so much for being a truly wonderful officiant! Our wedding felt so sacred and special and it feels like a wonderful start to the next phase of our marriage. Thank you for going the extra mile, you were amazing!!”
Great Marriage Officiants in VT
S & E Munsen
“On behalf of the entire wedding party and guests, our thanks for such a special wedding ceremony! Once again, you provided your wisdom, sincerity, humor, originality, spirit, and love for our family during this very important union.”
Meaningful wedding ceremonies
J. Crittenberger-Geisler
(mother of the groom)
“You are a natural. This is definitely your calling. Our special day started with you and we will always remember that. Your wonderful, kind words; the way you presented them was amazing. You will always hold a special place in our hearts.”
Mitzi McInnis Wedding ceremonies
B & L Lunderville